The Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week group programme for women who have experienced and are recovering from domestic abuse.

The content of the course is developed each week to help women to grow stronger and includes topics on: abuse; the effects on children and parenting skills; anger and conflict; being assertive; boundaries and trust; setting goals and action planning and, healthy relationships.



The toolkit aims to give women the knowledge to enable them to have a better understanding and ability to deal with their experiences. It is designed to allow women to move forward in their lives. Their own strengths, resources and coping strategies are reinforced which will contribute to their own health and well-being on a long term basis.

As the course aims to support women to build up their self-esteem and confidence; there is requirement for group members to undertake homework exercises. Therefore recovery and personal development can be taken at a pace that is suitable for each individual.

A statement from a lady who completed the course..


As a victim of sexual, physical and mental abuse for many year’s I would like to tell you why and what the course has done for me. I have attended various organisations over a period of 10 years on and off. I have walked away with a little knowledge of each one but not the answers I had been looking for to enable me to be happy in life and to be able to put the horrific past behind me.

In 2009 I was offered counselling at the WISH Centre. I still felt at a loss and everything was till raw for me. Although it helped talking it through, I still woke up every morning with the feeling of dread. I started the Freedom Programme, this helped me so much. I felt there is a life for me to be happy but yet again a few questions were still unanswered. I just had to accept it but I felt much stronger.

In February 2010, I was offered to go on the Recovery Toolkit course for 12 weeks. I found all my answers I had been searching for. I was very tearful during and after the course. I expected the women who ran the course to give me the answers, how could they know? They were great. They listened to each one of us. They taught me I was very important and special. What amazing people I have each and everyone (at the WISH Centre), to thank for the knowledge, happiness and giving me my life.

They taught us all about different types of abuse, relaxation, how to recognise abuse, challenging negative thoughts, assertiveness skills, nurturing children, to making lifestyle changes and much, much more. The main issue I had left to work on was to say no, as I was afraid of confrontation. I can now thanks to the course and the women who run it. In fact I feel very comfortable to do so.

Since the course I am now confident, happy and free from abuse. I have taken in all the knowledge of what the women have taught me, this definitely was the course that covered all I need to know. For anyone who has gone through abuse, I would recommend this is the course to go on because I now am no longer a victim. Just a very happy and grateful survivor. Thank you to you all.

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