Floating support

The floating support service is for people in the community who have experienced domestic abuse in the past are now living independently. We aim to assist people who have experienced domestic abuse to live free from abuse and regain confidence.

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The support can be accessed by peopple of all ages with or without children.

Ways the Floating Support Service Could Help..

  • helps people to understand the effects of domestic abuse and offer emotional support
  • offers access to our other services
  • support with welfare benefits and financial issues
  • helps to pursue ambitions, career and education
  • support through the civil and criminal justice system
  • establish and maintain tenancies
  • access to specialist health services
  • advocating and liaising with other agencies
  • making sure people and children are safe
  • signposting to relevant agencies to meet the needs of the family

Floating support clients take an active role in their support planning and are empowered to live independently.

Some comments from people we have helped in this way:

You are all angels; I don’t know what I would have done without your support

You are so friendly and supportive with everything

Thank you for making me feel free

They are good listeners are give me confidence

Linda’s Story

I had been in a relationship with my partner (in a same sex relationship) for 3 years, I didn’t realise that I was in an abusive relationship and thought how I was being treated was ‘normal’.  My partner used to control where I went, when I went out and even if I went out at all.  She would buy me presents and gifts and I felt that this meant she loved me, in fact I now realise this was her way of controlling me!

When the relationship broke down and I left I began to live like a prisoner in my own home, I couldn’t go out and even kept my curtains closed and wouldn’t put any lights on during the evening.  I came to the Wish Centre one day and asked for some help, I met some very helpful people there and was given the choice to sign up to the floating support service, which I did.

After my first meeting, my support worker would come and visit me every week, and spend some time with me. She helped me to realise that I have suffered domestic abuse and helped me to come to terms with this and how to begin to live my life again.  With the help and support of my support worker I have been able to be re-housed in a new area, I have been supported through the legal system and now feel safe and a lot more aware of the abuse and how to recognise a healthy relationship.

I now know that I do not deserve what my ex partner put me through and I know that I have a long way to go to think about a new relationship, but thanks to my floating support worker I now feel happy and safe.

Thank you!

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