Changing Places

Changing Places is a programme for people aged 11-18 who are identified as needing help in managing conflict in their relationships.

Young people suitable for this programme may already have a history of resorting to violence to try and solve conflict. They may have a history of frequent conflict at home, in their relationships, or at school. They may have poor impulse control, have trouble communicating, and may have low levels of empathy or understanding for other people.

changing places


The Changing Places programme is designed to:

  • Develop self awareness and self control
  • Promote positive social skills
  • Teach pro-social problem-solving skills
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Improve decision making

Changing places is about offering young people an opportunity to learn about themselves and as a result, change their behaviour in the future. It is not about ‘fixing’ them or ‘forcing’ them to change. They will have to choose to use the skills they learn on the programme. The sessions will show them that there is another way to handle problems and conflict rather than resorting to abusive or violent behaviour. The course usually runs for 90 mins per week for 8 weeks and can also be run in schools. The programme is delivered by experienced and qualified staff who have extensive knowledge of Domestic abuse and programme delivery.

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