Celebrating our Volunteers

As its Volunteers week its apt to do a blog on volunteers & volunteering so 18 months ago we made a decision to recruit volunteers, and now looking back have wondered why we waited so long before we took this step. Volunteers need supervision and training but what they are able to contribute in return is invaluable. Marjorie Moore said “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy, you vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in”. People volunteer for many reasons some because they need experience to apply for a job others because they want to make a difference; in both scenarios volunteers are giving a valuable resource to us ….. time.

18 months after we made the decision to recruit volunteers we have 15 volunteers based across all 3 of our sites working alongside staff to offer a range of activities and support. In our refuge accommodation volunteers are running cooking sessions with the residents supporting and developing the resident’s skills and encouraging them to think about nutrition and healthy eating as well as showing how cost effective it is to cook your own food.

We also have volunteers who help deliver the therapeutic programmes we run for women and children, at our main office, in the refuges and in the community. Volunteers also provide support at our weekly coffee morning and run our weekly peer support group.

They also provide emotional support to service users and we have got some fantastic peer mentors now supporting women in the refuge and the community. With the right support in place volunteers are a valuable asset and one that I am really glad we have invested in.  

To celebrate the work they are doing we invited them all to our weekly coffee morning were they all received a handmade cupcake and  flowers and off course lots of love and appreciation from our service users who were present.



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