The charity is a Company limited by guarantee, governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association dated 1st May 2006.

Blackburn and Darwen District Without Abuse incorporating WISH (BDDWA) is structured to ensure the most effective way of managing the day to day running of the organisation and planning strategic developments for the future. No organisation can stand still, especially where there are economic and political challenges, and the Trustees and strategic members of staff are fully aware of this. The current structures of the Board of Trustees and the staff team positively enhance the running of the organisation and support development opportunities.

The Board of Trustees is formed by co-opted members who offer their specific expertise. Their input is invaluable and helps the smooth running and growth of the group. They are always available when required and their specific specialisms enable a breadth of support that is vital to Trustees and staff members. Other local and national organisations also contribute to Trustees work and their responsibilities in managing BDDWA.

The Board of Trustees are aware of the need to encourage new members and during the year new people have been approached with a view to joining the Board. Hopefully this approach will help to recruit new members who wish to support the organisation. Encouraging new people to join the Board is helpful to the development of the work undertaken and ultimately to the success of the organisation and the services that can be offered to women and children. It is seen as a positive that new Trustees join the team. Recruitment of new members is done through local networks that the organisation links to and by word of mouth. When requests to join the management group are received people are invited to attend the volunteer training programme that is in place and once completed potential Trustees then meet with the existing members to conclude the recruitment process.

The Trustees have a yearly cycle of meetings where business is discussed, decisions are taken in a democratic manner and every member can ensure that they take an active part in the organisation and keep themselves up to date with all aspects of the project. Where urgent decisions are required between Trustee meetings the Project Manager wherever possible will consult with three Trustees to agree a decision. If this is not possible and only one or two Trustees are able to make the decision then colleagues will be consulted at the earliest opportunity by those Trustees who have made the decision. The next Trustee meeting following such an urgent decision will be used to enable all Trustees to ratify the decision. This ensures there is accountability for decision making and a clear process in place that can be scrutinised by all

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